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With a little more than four decades of experience as translation providers, we have accumulated knowledge that can address the issues and concerns that your business may have when purchasing translation services. With the assistance of our qualified and experienced translators and the support of our project manager, who holds a Diploma in Translation from and is a member of the UK’s prestigious Institute of Chartered Linguists, the UK’s most supreme authority on matters of linguistics, we will help eliminate the concerns that face your business. 

Our professional expertise is supported by technological tools that enable us to provide you with the best solutions to help us meet your expectations. 

The production of a reliable and trustworthy translation begins with the translation manager’s selection of the translator whose experience, knowledge, and mother tongue are relevant to the subject matter of the source text. The translator’s qualifications, linguistic and technical skills, references, and experience are critical for producing high-quality translations. It is also critical that translators translate into their mother tongue in order to produce a streamlined text. The quality of our service is almost entirely dependent on the quality of translation provided by our translators. And, in order to do so, the translator must determine the message content of the source text, the primary effects of this source text, the audience it is aimed at, the functions and intended audience of the translation, and the implications of all of the above factors combined. Only then can the translator produce a translation that truly, accurately, and completely conveys your intended message. 

It is paramount to our business that the translation be completed as described above, but it is also critical that we protect any information you have shared with us.


Professional proofreading is important because it eliminates spelling, grammatical, capitalization, and numbering errors that make your copy appear unprofessional. It also corrects punctuation errors; it corrects formatting inconsistencies; and it improves word choice and sentence structure.

But that isn’t all. Proofreading is important for your business for several reasons, in addition to ensuring that your copy is error-free:

  1. It ensures that the brand message is clear. You already know what message you want to send to your audience, but that doesn’t mean it will be understood by your readers. Confusion or a lack of interest can result from unclear wording or grammar errors. Proofreaders eliminate ambiguities, ensuring that your message is clear and consistent. They clear the air and bring your brand’s message to the forefront.
  2. It promotes a positive image of your company. As previously stated, there are some errors that make your writing appear unprofessional and almost rude. Having a proofreader go over every piece of work published under your company name eliminates any unprofessional errors. A well-written piece reassures your audience that you are, in fact, the expert in your field. After all, if your writing is professional, then you must be professional as well.
  3. It saves your company time and money. Do you know how many times your document should be proofread? The answer is numerous times. You could go over your document several times and still miss minor inconsistencies that a third-party proofreader will notice. In addition to saving time, you can save a lot of money by avoiding simple errors.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing entails the creation of new documents as well as the adaptation of existing ones to meet specific target-language format and layout requirements.  It can be used to create high-quality translated documents from a variety of digital document types or existing printed copies, involving design and layout work.

Creating an appealing publication from both the perspectives of external layout and internal content is a difficult task in itself. Adding the element of adapting the publication to the requirements of a new language increases the task’s complexity significantly.

Aldiwan’s professional desktop publishing artists are equipped with industry-leading publishing software and years of experience to tackle any desktop publishing project, regardless of its complexity or target language specifics.

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