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Translation Services in Dubai


Dubai is home to a diverse community of residents from various cultural backgrounds. The need for translation services in Dubai is crucial to ensure effective communication between individuals with different languages. This paper aims to explore the methods of obtaining translation services in Dubai. Through thorough research, it was discovered that there are several avenues where translation services can be accessed. This paper provides a comprehensive guide to accessing these services, including the various service providers, the types of translation they offer, and the cost associated with obtaining these services. Additionally, this paper highlights the legal framework that regulates translation services, emphasizing the importance of working with certified translators and the consequences of not adhering to the legal requirements.


Dubai is a popular destination for businesses, tourists and individuals seeking employment opportunities. With people coming from different parts of the world, language barriers cannot be ignored. Communication is the key to the success of any venture, and in Dubai, translation services play an important role in ensuring effective communication. Translation services are not only important for businesses but also for individuals seeking government services, healthcare or legal assistance.

This paper will provide an overview of how to access translation services in Dubai. The aim of this paper is to make it easier for individuals and businesses to access and benefit from the services of certified translators.


This paper is based on secondary research from various sources, including academic journals, government websites, and online platforms offering translation services. The research focused on identifying the various sources of translation services, the types of services offered, and the cost associated with obtaining these services. Additionally, research was carried out on the legal framework regulating translation in Dubai.

Sources of Translation Services in Dubai:

There are various ways to obtain translation services in Dubai, including:

1. Government Services

Government agencies in Dubai offer translation services for their clients. These services are for individuals seeking to translate documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and immigration documents. The services are also offered to companies seeking to translate legal documents, company profiles and financial statements.

2. Translation Agencies

Dubai has numerous translation agencies that offer a wide range of translation services in different languages. These agencies offer services such as document translation, website translation, interpretation services, and legal translation services. Translation fees vary depending on the agency and the type of service, but the average cost ranges from AED 70 – AED 200 per page.

Legal Framework regulating Translation Services in Dubai:

Dubai has a legal framework that regulates translation services. The Dubai Municipality is the governing body responsible for certifying translators and translation agencies. According to the Dubai Municipality, translators must be certified to practice translation in the city. Certification entails passing various tests and examinations that evaluate the translator’s language proficiency and translation skills.

The Dubai court also requires that legal documents be translated by certified translators. Translators must adhere to the legal requirements when translating legal documents, failure to which the documents could be deemed inadmissible in court.

In conclusion, translation services are crucial in Dubai to break language barriers and ensure effective communication between individuals and businesses. There are numerous ways of accessing these services, including through government agencies, translation agencies and freelance translators. Importantly, it is vital that individuals and businesses work with certified translators, as the legal framework in Dubai regulates the provision of translation services. Working with certified translators ensures the quality, accuracy and legality of the translated documents. This paper provides an insight into the commonly used methods of obtaining translation services in Dubai, making it easier for individuals and businesses alike to access these necessary services.

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